RGB LAN 2 Event Recap

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It’s been just a bit more than two weeks since the amazing RGB LAN 2, our second ever RGB LAN event. This year the event sold out even earlier than last year’s, and we couldn’t be happier with our attendees’ enthusiasm. Before we begin I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors, but especially to our biggest sponsors: Computer Upgrade King, The Game Guyz, and Candoris! And now, onto the results:

  • In first place was the Red Team with 17156 points, earning $1,070 for Paws for Courage!
  • In second place with 16119 points was the Green Team, earning $937 for Help Hope Live!
  • In last place with 5584 points was the Blue Team, earning $669 for Eden Autism!

Congrats to the winners, and make sure to continue to support these amazing charities!

And now, here are some more fun facts from this past event:

  • 180 – Total number of LANners who attended
  • 60kW – Amount of power consumed at peak draw
  • 2,900 ft. – Length of networking cable laid before the LANners showed up
  • 343 Mbps – Peak bandwidth usage during the weekend
  • 2TB – Total data downloaded during the weekend
  • 500GB –  Steam, Blizzard and Origin games downloaded uniquely and streaming from the caching server at average Gigabit peaks
  • 122 – Volunteer hours during the event
  • 8 – Number of RV show attendees who walked through our doors and were surprised by the lack of RVs
  • 2 – Girl Scout Cookies engraved thanks to Pentz Works
  • 61 – Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies sold
  • 2 – Articles of clothing stolen for points
  • 619 – Total minutes streamed at our RGB LAN Twitch page
  • 1411 – Raffle tickets sold

We want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who attended and volunteered. RGB LAN 2 couldn’t have been what it was without you. As we announced at the LAN, you can expect us to be back even sooner. RGB LAN will return even bigger with RGB LAN 3: Return of the LAN on October 19-21, so make sure you keep your eyes out for more announcements to come! If you want to make the next event better, please fill out our attendee feedback form. Also if you haven’t, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, Twitch, and join us in Discord! And of course, keep being awesome.

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