RGB LAN 4’s Charities Rock!

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As always, RGB LAN would be nothing without the fantastic charities we support. With RGB LAN 4 arriving June 21-23, we wanted to take the time to highlight who, exactly, we will be gaming for. We are incredibly proud to be supporting these three charities, so without further delay…

First up, the Red Team! Penn Vet Working Dog Center is a national hub for training and research for working dogs used in disease detection, search and rescue, and safety. The organization was founded by a vet who witnessed firsthand the needs of search and rescue dogs after 9/11. Read more about them here.

The Green team will be representing an awesome, returning charity! When medical care is within reach, it saves lives. Help Hope Live helps thousands of families across the country to get the care and supplies that they need to heal, live, and thrive after a medical crisis. Find out more about them here.

Last, but not least, we have the Blue Team! Tiny WPA rallies great minds and youth leaders in the Philadelphia community to help design and build a safer, stronger, and more beautiful city. Find out more about how to engineer a brighter future for Philadelphia here.

Are you interested in helping out these charities? Registration is open now, so make sure you take a look at their websites and choose what charity you want to champion! Share this post around and make sure you take a look at our FacebookTwitterInstagramTwitch, and join us in Discord! And of course, keep being awesome.