RGB LAN 5 Is A Go!

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You’re excited to hear more about RGB LAN 5. We hear you. It’s a daily topic on our Discord channel, wondering and predicting when the next RGB LAN is going to be. Believe me… we’ve heard that question a LOT.

We’ve been quiet on this front not because we’re trying to torture you… although that is a benefit. No, we’ve been quiet while we work to get everything hammered out on our end. Rest assured, things are in the works and we thought it best to ring in the new year with some great news!

We can finally announce that RGB LAN 5 will be at the next TooManyGames Expo on June 26-28! We’ll of course have more information incoming, and we look forward to seeing you there! In the meantime, make sure to join that Discord channel, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and don’t forget to follow our main RGB LAN Twitch channel as well as our Speedrunning channel! To view highlights of our past events, subscribe to our YouTube channel.