RGB LAN is Coming Back in 2022

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So that was a heck of a two years, wasn’t it? We’ll spare you the “unprecedented times” type discussion, but suffice to say we hope everyone in the RGB LAN community continues to be safe and healthy. For obvious reason, we had to put the event on hold. That being said, it seems the world is starting to (mostly) normalize, and with the availability and effectiveness of vaccines and other safety measures, we are absolutely hoping to keep the LAN alive and host another event next year, in 2022. With that said, let’s take some time to answer some questions I am sure some of you might have had.

Why didn’t you have a LAN in 2021?

For our last LAN, we partnered with the TooManyGames convention, and that was a great success. We had every intention of continuing to partner with them before COVID hit, and we look forward to seeing what opportunities there will be for us in the future. That said, while TooManyGames did run in 2021, we didn’t feel comfortable running a LAN just yet. At the best of times, conventions themselves can be chaotic, messy, and… let’s just say a little unhygienic. LANs tend to compound that just a little by putting us gamers in one room together for effectively 2 days straight. Due to the nature of COVID, we didn’t want to be one of the first events to come together and possibly become a super-spreader event. Additionally, that was at a time where vaccines weren’t necessarily as widely available as they are now. We’re glad to see TooManyGames was so successful this year, though!

What’s RGB LAN 2022 going to look like?

We’re still hashing out those details. Everything is on the table at the moment, including the possibility of a standalone event, and maybe even a different venue. We want to make sure we’re bringing you the best RGB LAN experience, but above all, we want to make sure it’s safe. We’ll make sure to communicate everything as it’s coming up, so stay tuned!