What should I bring to a LAN Party?

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Here is a short list of what you should always have at a LAN Party:

  • Computer (desktop or laptop)
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse & Mouse PAD
  • Headset (No Speakers!)
  • Ethernet Cable – AT LEAST 25FT LONG (your seat might be that far from the nearest switch)
  • Power Strip (One with a breaker is always recommended.)
  • Your video games PRE-INSTALLED – We try to cache as many Steam games as possible, but there may be a LOT of people using the internet, so download speeds may be slow. Always try to pre-install as much as you can prior to coming.
  • Food & Drink – There may be some refreshments available – but you should always bring water, munchies, and plenty of caffeine!
  • MONEY – We will have vendors on-site selling shirts, mousepads, etc. and we also have a big raffle at the end of the event and you’ll need cash to buy tickets!